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Workers with a medical condition that keeps them off the job will likely need support to get through this difficult period. Fortunately, you can get Social Security Disability Insurance benefits if you have a disability that prevents you from working.

Our lawyers have handled these cases for years and can help you prepare your application. To get SSDI benefits, you must have a medical condition that the Social Security Administration considers a “disability.” Our firm can help by gathering your medical records, tests, and statements that show the condition you have and why you cannot work while treating it. With our guidance, you stand the best chance of getting your application approved on the first submission. We can also explain how much you can work while receiving benefits and prepare for a government review of your case if you are already getting SSDI.

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Identifying Your Medical Condition to Get Social Security Disability Insurance in Abington, PA

When a disability keeps you from working in Abington, you might qualify for Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) benefits to help you get by. SSDI is paid out from Social Security, so the Social Security Administration (SSA) will need to determine if your medical condition qualifies for benefits. Our Social Security Disability lawyers can help you by gathering your medical documentation and filing your application. With our support, you have the best chance of showing the SSA you deserve benefits.

The SSA typically considers medical conditions that last for 12 straight months or more or will result in death as a “disability.” Some conditions easily meet this criteria, like kidney disease, cerebral palsy, or cancer. Other conditions can qualify if they keep you from working, like arthritis and certain mental health issues. Fortunately, the SSA maintains a list of qualified medical conditions here.

If your condition is not listed, do not worry. You can still qualify for SSDI if it is similar to one of the listed disabilities.  For instance, repetitive stress injuries might impact your ability to work in the same ways that arthritis does. However, you will need to prove your injuries with medical evidence. That is why you should see a doctor as soon as you notice something affecting your health. Our lawyers will use your medical records to show how your condition is comparable to one already recognized.

After getting approved for benefits, you will also need to keep up with your treatment schedule. The SSA will review your case regularly to determine if you are healthy enough to work. If you do not have evidence of you receiving care or following your treatment plan, your benefits might be canceled. If you have an upcoming SSA review, our team can help organize your information so you can keep your benefits.

Establishing Your Work History to Qualify for SSDI in Abington, PA

Because SSDI comes from Social Security funds, in most cases, you will have to work for a certain amount of time before you qualify. As you pay into Social Security with each paycheck, you will earn work credits, up to four a year. Once you have acquired 40 work credits or more, you will qualify if your medical condition is approved. Our lawyers can review your work history to determine if you have enough credits to qualify.

If you were employed by a business, you likely noticed these taxes coming from your paycheck. If you are self-employed, you need to pay Social Security yourself every four months. How much money that is taken out will depend on your yearly income.

While SSDI is generally for workers who cannot perform their jobs anymore, you might still qualify if you did not work or only worked enough to earn some credits but not 40. If you were 22 or younger when you were diagnosed with a disability or sustained an injury that prevented you from working, you might be able to apply your parents’ work history. However, you must be living with the parent whose work credits you are claiming to be eligible. Our team can review your case to see if this exception can help you get benefits.

After establishing your work credits, the SSA will review your case to determine if your condition prevents you from working totally or if you can still work in a limited capacity. The SSA might determine that the disability will not keep you completely out of work and adjust your benefits accordingly. Our lawyers can help you understand this process and ensure your case is being assessed fairly.

How Much Income You Can Earn While Getting SSDI Benefits in Abington, PA

The SSA does allow SSDI recipients to work some, albeit in a limited capacity. This makes sense because if you were able to work full-time, you would not need disability benefits. Still, it recognizes that many people need to supplement their benefits with some type of income.

Each year, the SSA sets limits on how much you can earn a month while maintaining your benefits, known as “substantial gainful activity.” As of 2024, non-blind SSDI recipients can make up to $1,550 a month and keep their benefits. The blind are permitted to make up the $2,590 a month without losing benefits.

You might also have to undergo a “trial work period” if you earn more than $1,110 a month. If this occurs, the SSA will conduct a work trial to see if you can work again. If you earn over the above amount for nine months over a 60-month timeframe. Our team can review your circumstances to determine if you can work while getting benefits.

What to Do if Your SSDI Application is Denied in Abington, PA

If your SSDI application is denied, the first thing you should do is contact our team. The SSA denies most claims because they do not include enough information about their medical condition or evidence of how it prevents them from working. Our team can help you determine why your application was denied by assessing the reasons for the SSA’s decision.

Once we have identified the issue, we can request that the SSA reconsider your application. During this process, we can submit important documentation that was not included in the original filing.

If the SSA still does not approve your benefits, we can appeal further. Our team can request another hearing, this time in front of an administrative law judge. If that proves unsuccessful, we can try to have the case reviewed by the Appeals Council and then the federal court. Fortunately, most denials are overturned once the right information is submitted.

Our Abington, PA SSDI Attorneys Can Help You Get the Benefits You Need

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