Can I Rebuild My Credit After Filing Bankruptcy in Pennsylvania?

Your credit score reflects your financial habits over the years, taking into account factors such as missed payments, credit utilization, and the length of your credit history. Your credit score is financially important, because it is used by banks and lenders to...

Can I Discharge My Student Loans in Bankruptcy in Pennsylvania?

If you’re a college graduate in Pennsylvania, and you’ve been struggling to stay current on your student loan bills, bankruptcy might offer a solution. However, bankruptcy can only eliminate student loan debt under specific circumstances, which means you...

Can You Keep Your House with Chapter 13 Bankruptcy in Pennsylvania?

Many potential bankruptcy filers are, at first, quite hesitant to file a bankruptcy, mostly out of fear that they may lose their home and other assets. While the concern is quite legitimate and, in some cases, even a real possibility, it is a question that we are...

Can I File Chapter 13 Without My Spouse In Pennsylvania?

Individual consumers must always file a bankruptcy case in their name only, while married couples have the option to file a case jointly. However, this is not a requirement, and in some cases, it may not be advantageous to do so. Often times, only one spouse may have...

Section 17 Probation vs. ARD in Pennsylvania for First Time Offenders

When a person has no prior criminal record, and then gets charged with a possessory drug offense, there are usually two options that they should consider as a way to resolve the case: Probation without verdict (aka Section 17) and ARD (accelerated rehabilitative...



“When we came to see Gail Marr, Esquire, we were behind on our mortgage and car, and really wondered if we would be able to dig ourselves out. However, Gail was totally patient and understanding and that made us feel more relaxed, and we were able to successfully complete a Chapter 13 Plan. We are now 5 years removed from bankruptcy, and it was the best thing that we had ever decided to do.”

"Paul, you were so understanding and sympathetic, I truly felt like you understood where I was coming from. I was terrified and thought I would never be able to make it through, but you changed my opinion of attorneys, and I would highly recommend you to anyone who is in need of financial help."


Daria S. is under the age of 50 and classified by Social Security as a younger individual. She was denied benefits in Pennsylvania and came to our office with complaints of uncontrolled dizziness and vomiting with numbness and right side tinnitus. Her previous work history was with the U.S. Postal Service. Her primary diagnoses included vertigo and Meniere’s Disease. We were successful in helping Daria obtain benefits.

“Mr. Young was very knowledgeable and made us feel at ease with our situation. He handled our case very professionally and in a more timely manner than I have heard of other attorneys through friends. His staff was also very understanding and helpful. I would definitely recommend him and his firm and would use him again, if needed, in the future!”


Client was facing 90 days minimum imprisonment for a 2nd offense DUI. Case was dismissed at the Preliminary Hearing when the officer was unable to prove that the client operated the vehicle.

Client was originally charged with Felony criminal mischief for allegedly destroying thousands of dollars of bread and cookies in a supermarket in Yardley, PA. Client was found not guilty by jury of all criminal charges, sentenced by the judge for summary violation to pay $500.00 fine. Received worldwide coverage from the Associated Press and Newsweek Magazine and story was on all 4 local news stations, CNN and the Court Channel.