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Our attorneys have an 80% success rate in social security disability cases. The average is 62% according to ssa.gov.

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Our attorneys have handled over 5,000 bankruptcies in PA and NJ.

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Over 99% of first time DUI clients we represent receive no jail time or criminal record.

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“I never thought that I would have to file bankruptcy, but Mr. Young and the firm made the process much less painful. I hope that I never need their assistance, but if I do, I would highly recommend them.” -George C.


“I was very pleased with this lawyer. He was very courteous and professional. We were always kept informed of the progress of my son’s petition for SSI and very happy with the outcome.” -Rita


“Job well done!! Gail represented me in a criminal case in which I was cleared of all charges. 100% satisfied.” – Anthony

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Have You:

  • Been paying credit card balances that seem to never go down?
  • Lost your job and are now having trouble keeping up?
  • Attempted to work out a payment arrangement to no avail?
  • Been notified of a mortgage foreclosure action?
  • Been denied for a mortgage or other line of credit?
  • If the answer to any of these questions is “yes” then bankruptcy may be an option that you should consider.

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Families and individuals in dire financial situations might not know that filing for bankruptcy could be exactly what they need to get creditors off their back and to finally have room to breath again.  Our Pennsylvania and New Jersey bankruptcy lawyers represent individuals and their spouses in bankruptcy cases, working to help relieve them of the debt that they face and get a fresh start financially.  We also seek to help protect your home and assets by filing for bankruptcy at the right time and in the right way.

Chapter 7 Bankruptcy in Pennsylvania and New Jersey

Chapter 7 bankruptcy is perfect for many individuals filing for bankruptcy.  Most bankruptcy cases are Chapter 7 cases, which deal with liquidating the debtor’s assets to pay back creditors, relieve debt, and get the applicant back on their feet.  In Chapter 7 bankruptcy cases, the debtor’s assets are turned over to a bankruptcy trustee, who is allowed to sell-off certain assets in order to pay back creditors.  Other assets are protected and cannot be sold.

Chapter 7 is most commonly used for people with lower income levels.  A “means test” is issued in these cases, and only applicants without the means to pay back creditors will be able to file for Chapter 7.

Chapter 13 Bankruptcy in Pennsylvania and New Jersey

Filing for Chapter 13 bankruptcy allows you to reorganize your assets and pause credit collection so that you can make a new plan to pay back creditors.  Chapter 13 does not require a means test and is available for people who might have more assets that they want to protect, such as homes and cars.  In Chapter 13 cases, the court will look at your finances and your debts, prioritize them appropriately, and make a plan for you to pay back creditors.

Because your property is not liquidated in Chapter 13, many bankruptcy applicants use this option when they have property or tools that they use for work or homes and cars that they need to keep access to.

Is Bankruptcy Right for Me?

It is impossible to know if bankruptcy is the right option for you without examining your financial records and discussing your options with a lawyer.  The internet has a lot of information out there about bankruptcy, debt consolidation, and other options for people facing what seems like impossible debt.  However, it is best to sit down and talk with a lawyer so that you can get help understanding what options are best for your specific situation and circumstances.

Filing Bankruptcy to Protect from Foreclosure

Many times, bankruptcy is the perfect tool to help you keep your home.  If you are facing mortgage foreclosure or sheriff’s sale because you are behind on payments, bankruptcy could help you stop the foreclosure and pause any other collection efforts, giving you the breathing room you need to catch up.

When you file for bankruptcy, your petition creates an “automatic stay.”  This stay stops any collection efforts on your debt and tells creditors that they need to go through the bankruptcy process to get their money instead of approaching you directly.  That means that collection calls, foreclosures, sheriff’s sales, and other collection efforts need to stop immediately, and it means you will be able to keep your house for a while longer.  This can give you the opportunity you need to proceed with your bankruptcy case, pay back mortgage payments through your bankruptcy, and keep your home.

How a Pennsylvania and New Jersey Bankruptcy Attorney Can Help

Filing for bankruptcy might be the financial reset you need, but it is not something that should be done lightly or without professional assistance.  There are many ways that a bankruptcy case can become overwhelming, and there are many financial and legal questions that you might not know how to handle on your own.  Our attorneys can help you by determining what options are right in your case, what type of bankruptcy will help, what exceptions and exemptions might apply to protect your assets, and more.  We can also work to protect you from potential pitfalls, all the while keeping your best interests as our top priority.

Call our Pennsylvania and New Jersey bankruptcy lawyers at Young, Marr & Associates today for help with your case.


Filing for disability in Pennsylvania or New Jersey is incredibly important for many people, but the process is not always easy.  For many, the physical and mental limitations of a disability make it impossible to work, and the disability benefits provided by the Social Security Administration (SSA) are essential.  However, that does not mean that the process is simple, and many people with disabilities might be unable to file the paperwork for themselves or be able to handle the legal issues surrounding appeals and requests for reconsideration.  At Young, Marr & Associates, our Pennsylvania and New Jersey disability lawyers fight for people with disabilities and work to get them the benefits they need.

SSDI vs. SSI in Pennsylvania and New Jersey

For most applicants, the first issue to decide in your disability case will be choosing what program to apply to.  Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) is available to workers who have a history of working and paying Social Security taxes, but who have developed a physical or mental health condition that makes it impossible to continue working.  This program is also available to spouses, former spouses, and children to apply on their family member’s record.  Supplemental Security Income (SSI) is a need-based alternative that people can apply to if they do not have a work history.

SSDI is usually the ideal program to apply for, as it covers more back benefits and retroactive benefits.  However, SSDI also uses a 5-month waiting period where you cannot get benefits, so many applicants will also apply to SSI to supplement their benefits.  Talk to a lawyer about choosing the right program to apply to and for more information about how you can apply on a spouse’s or parent’s record.

What Disabilities Does Social Security Disability Cover?

Disabled Pennsylvanians and New Jerseyans can apply for disability coverage from the SSA with a ride range of disabilities.  The SSA recognizes over 100 disabilities.  These range from neurological disorders like cerebral palsy and multiple sclerosis to physical injuries like severe burns and spinal fractures.  These disabilities also include things like cancer, heart failure, and liver disease as well as mental health disorders like schizophrenia, depression, autism, and PTSD.

In many cases, a disability must meet medical criteria that are more stringent than the general medical definition required for a diagnosis.  For instance, someone with cancer might have a clear medical diagnosis, but if their condition is not severe enough to impede their ability to work and care for themselves, disability benefits might not be appropriate at this time.  That is the SSA’s main factor in approving a condition for disability benefits: severity.  Most cases will hinge on this factor, and your attorneys can help provide evidence to prove the case is severe enough to warrant benefits.

Applying for Disability and Appealing Denials in PA and NJ

The process of applying for disability in Pennsylvania or New Jersey can be taxing, especially if you have a disability that makes it difficult to concentrate or to physically fill out paperwork.  Our attorneys can walk you through the process of what medical information you will need, what paperwork will need to be filled out, and what we can do to help.  Working with an attorney also increases the chance that your application will be accepted on the first try.

If the SSA cannot confirm your disability or does not see evidence of a severe disability, they might deny your claim.  Our experienced disability lawyers can work to file for reconsideration to have your claim accepted or appeal the claim to a hearing before an administrative law judge, the SSA’s Appeals Council, or even a federal court.  Talk to a lawyer about your case today to get help appealing your disability denial.

Long-Term Disability and Insurance Disputes

While Social Security Disability is available to most people with severe disabilities, you might also have disability benefits through your job.  If you do, long-term disability benefits might be available to cover you above and beyond what SSDI or SSI could cover.  However, getting these benefits is often difficult, as insurance companies are often unwilling to pay what they are supposed to.  Our Pennsylvania and New Jersey disability lawyers also represent disabled people in these claims and fight to help get them the benefits they are entitled to.

Criminal Defense

Our attorneys provide representation for people accused of crimes in Pennsylvania and New Jersey.  For an attorney to be able to represent you in PA or NJ, they must be a member of the bar in that state and have knowledge of how criminal law works in that particular state.  Our Pennsylvania and New Jersey criminal defense attorneys are able to represent defendants in either state, and we have been doing so for decades.

When we take your case, we will fight to suppress illegal evidence, reduce charges, and have unfair charges dropped and dismissed.  We will also fight to get sentences reduced or, if necessary, fight your case at trial before a judge and jury.

Types of Criminal Cases We Handle

The criminal defense lawyers at Young, Marr & Associates represent defendants in a wide range of cases.  We handle juvenile cases for minors as well as adult criminal charges.  We will represent you whether you are charged with a low-level offense, a misdemeanor, or a serious felony.  Many of the cases we handle involve DUI or DWI cases, drug possession, theft, and other minor offenses.  However, we also represent defendants facing charges for serious crimes of domestic violence, drug distribution, aggravated assault, rape, and murder.

No matter what kind of charges you face in Pennsylvania or New Jersey, call our criminal defense attorneys today to get the help you need.  We offer free legal consultations in both PA and NJ to help you understand what we can do to help fight your case and keep you from facing unreasonable jail terms or fines that you cannot afford.

Bail and Pre-Trial Issues

If you were charged with a crime, there are many preliminary issues your lawyer can help you take care of.  In Pennsylvania, preliminary hearings are common for most levels of crime, and New Jersey also has these hearings for more severe charges.  We can also represent you during arraignment where you learn about the charges against you, during bail hearings where the judge decides whether you can be released, and during questioning and interrogation where the government will try to learn more information about the crime or get a confession out of you.  If you or a loved one is in jail, getting a lawyer to help them fight for lower bail might be the difference between handling your case from behind bars or in the comfort of your own home.

Diversionary Programs and Plea Agreements

Before your case goes to trial, our attorneys can also work to help you apply for alternative sentencing and diversionary programs.  In Pennsylvania, the ARD program allows many first-time offenders to attend classes and treatment with the goal of keeping the charges off their criminal record.  Similarly, New Jersey’s Pre-Trial Interventional Program is available for many people to have first-time crimes kept off their record.  In both states, we may also be able to make other agreements with the prosecutors and police to get our clients community service or other alternative sentences.  We might also be able to prepare other types of plea agreements to reduce charges and penalties.

Criminal Trials in Pennsylvania and New Jersey

If your case goes to trial, our attorneys can represent you in the courtroom.  We can cross-examine the prosecution’s witnesses and evidence, fighting to have prejudicial evidence thrown out.  We can also present witnesses and evidence of our own to call the prosecution’s facts into question and give the jury enough reasonable doubt to acquit you and find you not guilty.

Sentencing Hearings

If you lose your trial or enter a plea deal and your case goes to sentencing, our attorneys can fight for a low sentence.  In many cases, negotiations with the prosecution can lead to a recommended sentence that the judge will usually accept, potentially shaving years off your sentence.  Many cases can also end in probation, allowing you to stay out of jail as long as you follow certain standards.  Our lawyers can also present evidence of mitigating circumstances or other evidence that might help a judge come to a lower sentence in your case.  Call us today for a free legal consultation.

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