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If you can no longer work because of an injury, illness, or disability, you might be eligible for benefits from the Social Security Administration (SSA).

To check if you can get Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) benefits in Norristown, our attorneys will review your work history and disability. SSDI applicants must meet the Social Security Administration’s definition of disability and prepare thorough applications with the necessary medical evidence. Technical errors in your application and poor communication with the SSA while it is reviewing your case could lead to a claim denial. If you want to work part-time while getting SSDI, keep tabs on your income. If recipients earn over the substantial gainful activity limit (SGA) or the limit for trial work periods (TWPs) or cannot give the SSA enough information to confirm their disability during a continuing eligibility review (CDR), they could lose their benefits.

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Checking Your SSDI Eligibility in Norristown, PA

Our lawyers will review your work history and disability to check your SSDI eligibility in Norristown. These are the only two factors that matter when it comes to whether or not someone qualifies for disability benefits.

Calculating Your Work Credits

The first issue to tackle regarding SSDI eligibility is your work history. To qualify for benefits, applicants must have worked and gotten Social Security taxes taken out of their paychecks by their employers. You can earn up to four work credits per year. In 2024, you can get one work credit for each $1,730 in wages you earn. Generally, applicants need at least 40 work credits to get SSDI. Furthermore, 20 of those 40 work credits must have come from the last ten years.

If you cannot get SSDI based on your work history, you could be eligible through a parent, depending on how old you were when you became disabled.

Reviewing Your Disability

There are several categories of disorders that are eligible for SSDI. These include various musculoskeletal disorders, skin disorders, cancers, and mental disorders, among many other conditions. You must also have one of the approved conditions to get SSDI. If your disability is close to an impairment listed by the SSA, you might get benefits in Norristown.

When you apply for benefits, our Social Security disability lawyers can include important medical evidence in your application. For example, you should provide the SSA with detailed medical records confirming your disability diagnosis and inability to work and earn an income.

Common Reasons for SSDI Claim Denials in Norristown, PA

The SSA might deny Social Security Disability Insurance claims in Norristown for various reasons. Our attorneys can help you avoid these common issues by carefully preparing your application.

Technical Errors

For example, minor errors, like spelling mistakes or leaving out certain information, can result in claim denials. Be sure to give the SSA the necessary personal and financial information. Your application must be complete and thorough for the SSA to accept it.

Failure to Meet Disability Definition

Claimants must also meet the SSA’s definition of disability, which requires a claimant to be unable to engage in substantial gainful activity (SGA) for at least 12 months or until death. Even if you meet this definition of disability, if you then refuse medical treatment that could help your condition, the SSA might deny your claim.

Cooperation Issues

Furthermore, refusal to cooperate with the SSA while it is reviewing your claim could cause problems. For example, if the SSA asks for further medical records to confirm your disability and you do not provide them, the SSA could deny your claim in Norristown.

Working While Getting Social Security Disability Benefits in Norristown, PA

If your condition improves slightly, you might test your ability to return to work. Be careful of how much additional income you earn, as that could harm your current eligibility for SSDI.

If you try to return to work, you might trigger a trial work period (TWP). In a 60-month rolling period, you cannot earn more than $1,110 per month over at least nine months and keep your benefits. A grace period follows TWPs. During this time, we can show the SSA evidence of your continuing eligibility so that a TWP, intentional or unintentional, does not jeopardize your benefits.

Outside of trial work periods, SSDI recipients can earn up to $1,550 each month in outside income, and blind recipients can earn up to $2,590. Report any additional income to the SSA. You will not get a benefit check for any month you earn more than the substantial gainful activity limit.

What to Expect from SSDI Continuing Disability Reviews in Norristown, PA

After the SSA approves your SSDI application, it might ask for updated information about your condition several months or years down the line. Should this happen, you must be prepared to prove that you still qualify during a continuing disability review.

If, based on your condition, the SSA expects your disability to improve, it might require a CDR within six to 18 months of approval. If improvement is possible, the SSA might require a CDR every three years. And if improvement is not expected, the SSA might require a CDR every seven years.

During a CDR, the SSA will review your updated medical records to see if you still meet the definition of disability and still cannot earn an income because of your disability. Because of this, SSDI recipients should prioritize treatment even after the SSA approves their claims. If, during a CDR, you cannot give evidence of your disability, the SSA will revoke your benefits.

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