Social Security Benefits Available for Children of the Disabled

An illness or injury that reduces your functional capacity for years can significantly impact your ability to work and provide for your family. If you have a dependent child, you may wonder how you’re going to buy them clothes, put food on the table, send them to a good school so they can secure their future. If you qualify for Social Security Disability benefits, there may be a means to obtain additional payments for your child. Our SSD attorneys explain how the process works.

Eligible Disability Benefits for Your Children

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The Social Security Administration will only extend benefits to your biological child, adopted child, or stepchild – usually no one else. The child must also meet one of three options: be under the age of 18, be 18 or 19 –years-old and be in high school full time, or older than 18 years of age with a disability that started before their 22nd birthday. Also, they can’t be married, which would seem to go without saying, but it’s a clearly defined rule so we need to make sure it’s clear.

If your child is under 18 years old, the SSA does not require them to be disabled to receive benefits. All that’s necessary is for you as the parent to meet eligibility criteria for disability payments under federal law. Proving your relationship to the child is also necessary via birth certificate or adoption records along with the child’s Social Security number.

SSA Working Requirements for Social Security Disability

Because your child draws a monthly benefit from your Social Security Disability eligibility, you must meet the SSA’s prior working requirement. Even if your child worked for a short time before you became disabled, they can still stand to earn a higher monthly benefit because you have a longer working history, and therefore more accumulated earnings. Our SSD attorneys in Pennsylvania can assist you in determining which scenario may result in higher benefits for your child.

While we’re determining your child’s best route to benefits, we can also review your benefits application, and contact your medical providers to ensure they’ve submitted all necessary records and paperwork. Your approval is mandatory for your child to recover any money at all, so it’s important to maximize your chances of early success.

Total Benefit Amounts for Children

Your child can receive a maximum of 50 percent of your monthly disability payment from the Social Security Administration.  If you have other family members in your household receiving disability money from the government, the amount your child gets each month can decrease below the 50 percent threshold.

Our Philadelphia + Bucks County Social Security Lawyers Can Help

Your injuries have reduced your ability to maintain gainful employment for long enough. It’s time you fought back, obtained money from a system you’ve paid into all your life. This isn’t a handout. It’s what you deserve. Contact our law offices today to set up a free consultation with our experienced disability lawyers and to find out what our skills can do for you. We charge no fees unless we recover benefits for you.