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Severe work injuries can happen in an instant but may affect your life for years. While Workers’ Compensation is available for many workplace injuries, it does not cover all cases and has limits. Applying for Social Security Disability Insurance may be an additional option for someone with a severe disability due to a work injury.

Applying for Social Security Disability Insurance (“SSDI”) is a complex and arduous process. If an issue arises or if you are unsure of what is needed, our attorneys are there to provide guidance and support Hiring our attorneys to manage your application and address any issues can lend an experienced hand to your circumstances.

The lawyers for disability following a work injury at Young, Marr, Mallis & Associates want to assist with filing your disability claim from start to finish so that you can focus on healing. A free discussion is just a phone call away at (215) 515-2954.

Types of Injuries That May Need Disability Payments After a Work Injury in Bucks County

When a person suffers a traumatic injury at work, they will likely first consider filing a Workers’ Compensation claim. Unfortunately, this type of compensation only covers injuries suffered while performing work duties. Severe medical concerns are often multifaceted and sometimes do not fall cleanly into the categories covered by insurance.

Illnesses like cancer or post-traumatic stress disorder may have been aggravated by work conditions or injuries but are not clearly caused by a job’s conditions or responsibilities. Your employer’s benefits can be denied in such cases if a clear connection between the job and the injury or illness is not established. Additionally, injuries suffered out of work can be made worse through work activities. For example, back injuries like a herniated disc or a pinched nerve may allow you to collect both SSDI and benefits through work. Other illnesses remain dormant for years before a diagnosis is made, and such a delay can outlast deadlines for Workers’ Compensation. Where your employer’s insurance is denied, SSDI can be sought to supplant prior income, and our attorneys can assist with seeking that benefit.

Additionally, there are cases where a person may be eligible for both Workers’ Compensation and SSDI following a work injury. It is important to note that in such cases, the amount of SSDI you are eligible for will be decreased by other compensation received and subject to a maximum cap. If you receive both insurance compensation and disability, your total benefits cannot exceed 80% of your average current earnings before your disability. Our attorneys for disability following a work injury can help you determine if multiple sources of compensation are available in your case.

Requirements for Social Security Disability Insurance After a Work Injury in Bucks County

A few threshold requirements must be met before an SSDI application can be completed after a work injury. First, you must have paid social security taxes for sufficient time, and your work injury must cause a qualified disability. Whether a disability is qualified or not depends on factors such as how severe your injury is, if you are currently working, and if you are able to make your prior salary in a new job. Our lawyers for disability following a work injury can review your case and determine if your injury is qualified according to the law.

Substantial Gainful Activity

According to the Social Security Administration, a qualifying disability is an incapacity to have “substantial gainful activity” due to a medically defined health issue that lasts at least 12 months or is expected to result in death. A “substantial gainful activity” is a fancy way of referring to a job that pays enough to subsist on, and monthly earnings guidelines define it. These guidelines for 2023 are $2,460 per month for a blind applicant and $1,470 per month for a non-blind applicant. Jobs that provide income at or over those thresholds are considered substantial employment and cause the employee to be disqualified from SSDI consideration.

Other Requirements

Besides the strict definition requirements of SSDI eligibility, many factors impact your application, such as the following:

  • Whether you are currently working
  • How much you make
  • Whether your condition is severe
  • Whether your condition is on the list of disabling impairments
  • Whether you can do work that you did previously
  • Whether you can do another type of work different than your pre-disability job

Information Needed

In order to adequately evaluate whether you are entitled to SSDI or not, the application for these benefits is extensive. In addition to the personal details required, you will also be asked for your job history, professional training information, and copious details regarding your medical condition. A full narrative of your medical diagnosis and treatments is requested as well as specific dates, names, contact information, and other details related to your medical providers. Missed details can derail or delay an application, and sometimes knowing what to provide is rooted in experience. Our dedicated lawyers for disability following a work injury can provide that experience.

How an Attorney Can Help with Your Bucks County SSDI Application After a Work Injury

The Social Security Administration offers many informational resources for people applying for SSDI; the application is even available online. Given all this help, you may wonder why you should hire an attorney to navigate this process.

While an SSDI application may seem straightforward, it is anything but. The sheer amount of information required is difficult to track, and any omissions can cause frustrating back-and-forth exchanges between yourself and the government. If your benefits are denied, you will be required to endure a long and costly appeal process. Such a delay in receiving benefits could place a significant financial strain on you or your family.

Our attorneys that are dedicated to assisting with SSDI applications after a work injury have coordinated numerous applications and are familiar with the often convoluted process. In contrast, most applicants for SSDI are applying for the first time. Our lawyers for disability following a work injury can help ensure that you know the information required and have all necessary documents collected. Our lawyers are familiar with the types of inquiries that may result from an application and can help address them appropriately. Furthermore, our lawyers will be aware of any deadlines and can manage the process, so you have less burden and can prioritize your health and family.

In cases where SSDI benefits are denied, your attorney can prove invaluable in the appeal process. Appeals of Social Security disability denials are full legal proceedings, and an attorney’s training and experience may greatly enhance your success in such an appeal.

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