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Founded in 1810 as a fire insurance company, the Hartford Financial Services Group, Inc., is a prominent insurance company that has policyholders throughout the United States. This historic company provided insurance payments for some of the most tragic events in the country’s history, including the 1906 San Francisco earthquake and the 1871 Chicago fire.

This history company has offered a wide range of services over its existence, including long-term disability insurance. In fact, Babe Ruth purchased a Hartford disability plan in 1920. Long-term disability (LTD) plans are still available today – covering 50-70% of a policyholders’ pre-disability earnings.

Unfortunately, hold a policy is not a guarantee that you will receive the benefits you deserve. It is not uncommon for claimants to be denied by Hartford. Insurance companies, even companies with Hartford’s pedigree, often place their business interests ahead of their claimants. Dealing with a long-term disability benefits denial is stressful. Many people do not know what steps to take. Your first call should be to our experienced Philadelphia attorneys for long-term denials from Hartford Insurance. Contact Young, Marr & Associates in Pennsylvania at (215) 515-2954 or New Jersey at (609) 557-3081. You do not have to handle the process alone.

Why Did Hartford Insurance Deny Your Claim?

If your long-term disability claim was denied or if your benefits were terminated, Hartford will typically send you a letter notifying you of its decision. The letter should include the reasons why your claims were terminated or denied. Before thinking about an appeal, it is important to understand why Hartford Insurance made its decision. The reasons for the denial will give our Pennsylvania disability lawyers a foundation for building an appeal.

Hartford Insurance might look to find a reason to deny your claim. For example, an agent could visit your home, an investigator could be hired to keep you under surveillance, or the company could monitor your social media accounts. There are some common reasons why a long-term disability claim will be denied.

Not Disabled According to Your Policy’s Terms

To be approved for LTD benefits, you must be disabled according to the terms of your insurance policy. If your Hartford policy is very specific or vague, it could be difficult to establish that your condition meets the necessary requirements. When preparing an appeal, our office will use the policy as a basis to gather medical documentation and evidence.

Insufficient Medical Evidence

In many cases, a claimant simply fails to provide enough medical evidence to demonstrate they have a qualifying disability. In many situations, medical records are insufficient to satisfy your policy’s terms or convince Hartford that your medical condition is severe enough. When preparing an appeal, it is crucial to provide additional evidence. For example, our Pennsylvania disability lawyers might have you assessed by a vocational expert to demonstrate how your condition limits your ability to work.

Surveillance Video

While it might appear to be an invasion of your privacy, Hartford has every right to have a private investigator record your daily activities. This is one reason why it is prudent to be very careful in the activities you engage in and the decisions you make. If you believe there is any incriminating evidence out there, you need to be honest and upfront with your attorney. It is impossible to address a potential problem if our disability lawyers are in the dark.

Social Media Posts

People like to post on social media. This window of our daily activities for friends and family is also available for insurance companies. Hartford Insurance will likely investigate your social media presence. Pictures of you and your family having fun on vacation could jeopardize your long-term disability claim. If you are applying for disability or appealing a denial, you should practice discretion when posting any photographs. Pictures that appear to contradict your claim that you are impaired could prove costly.

Appealing a Claim Denial by Hartford Insurance

When building an appeal, you will want to ensure you have evidence to address any of the potential reasons your claim was denied. Evidence is vital in the appeal process. In many cases, your appeal is the last opportunity you have to introduce new evidence. Even if your case goes to court, you will be limited to the evidence you presented during the appeal.

The first step is to carefully review and understand the denial letter. It will serve as the basis for building your appeal. In addition, there are other steps you should take.

Review Your Initial Claim

You want to make sure there are no mistakes or omissions on your initial claim. For example, reevaluate the language used to describe your medical impairment. It should conform with the terms of your policy while being specific and clear. Vague terms might not effectually describe your disability. For example, if you stated you are only able to stand for 10 minutes but spent an hour talking to a neighbor, Hartford Insurance could use it against you. Your claim should be specific and accurate. Overstating the effects of your condition will only hurt you.

Treating Doctor Statements

A written statement from your doctor could explain their diagnosis, treatment, and prognosis. In many ways, a statement could give context to the medical evidence. Your treating physician could speak directly to how your impairment limits your physical and mental abilities.

Expert Testimony

Having an additional medical evaluation could help your appeal. If Hartford Insurance has its own medical expert to assess your condition, then you should strongly consider having an independent expert review your case. Having multiple medical opinions that corroborate your claim is more compelling than just your medical records.

Treating Doctor Statements

A written statement from your doctor could explain their diagnosis, treatment, and prognosis. In many ways, a statement could give context to the medical evidence. Your treating physician could speak directly to how your impairment limits your physical and mental abilities.

Statements from Coworkers, Family, and Friends

Supporting evidence could come from other areas in addition to your doctor or medical experts. Your coworkers and employer have first-hand knowledge of how your disability impacted your ability to complete your assigned tasks. Furthermore, your friends and family could provide evidence regarding your inability to engage in ordinary daily activities. When your medical evidence is supported by other evidence, your case will only be stronger.

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You should not feel intimidated by Hartford Financial Services Group, Inc. because of its history and size. At Young, Marr & Associates, our skilled attorneys have stood up against large insurance companies to protect our clients’ rights. If your claim has been denied or if your benefits have been terminated, contact one of our attorneys for long-term disability denials from Hartford Insurance. In Pennsylvania, call (215) 515-2954, or if you are in New Jersey, call (609) 557-3081 to schedule a free and confidential appointment.

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