Attorney for Long-Term Disability Denials from Cigna Insurance

Cigna is one of the largest providers of long-term disability (LTD) plans in Pennsylvania.  As such, many workers find that the plan supplied by their work is administered by Cigna.  If you are having trouble getting the money you need from your disability coverage, and Cigna is not cooperating with your claim, it may be time to hire a lawyer.

An attorney for long-term disability denials from Cigna insurance can help to analyze your claim, check your policy, and make sure that your claim should be covered.  Then, we can do anything in our power to appeal your case, negotiate with the insurance company, and fight to get your claim paid.

If you have had your Cigna long-term insurance claim denied and need help appealing the claim, call Young, Marr & Associates.  Our attorneys offer free case consultations so you can learn more about your options and how we might be able to proceed with your case.  Call us at (215) 515-2954 today.

How to Get Cigna Disability Denial Overturned in Pennsylvania

If Cigna denied your long-term disability claim, you are not alone.  Pennsylvanians have sued in the past for unfair denials from Cigna, and many people face denied claims for various reasons.  In some cases, appealing the denial and providing additional paperwork is all that is necessary to get a claim overturned.  In other cases, getting a claim paid could even require going to court.

When a long-term insurance company like Cigna denies a claim, they should provide a reason and give you paperwork notifying you about how to appeal your claim.  Often, denied claimants get only one good chance to appeal and try to get the case overturned through the insurance company’s own systems.  If that fails, they may be entitled to take the insurance company to court.

Usually, with the help of a lawyer, you can appeal your claim to the insurance company directly.  Often, the additional pressure of an appeal will be enough to push Cigna or another reluctant disability insurance company into accepting and paying the claim – but you may need to provide additional paperwork, information from your doctor, and evidence before the insurance company relents.

Once you have exhausted your administrative options and the insurance company has confirmed their denial, you may have no choice left but to take the insurance company to court to get the benefits you are owed under your plan.  Sometimes, policies limit claimants and require them to go through arbitration, but an experienced attorney for long-term disability denials from Cigna insurance can help you determine how to move forward with your denied claim.

What Are Reasons For Wrongful Denial Disability Claims with Cigna Disability Plans in Pennsylvania

When you file for disability coverage through your employer’s long-term disability plan, you should be accepted if you meet all of the criteria laid out in the plan.  For your case to be denied, there usually needs to be something wrong with your claim.

Often, claims are justifiably denied because the condition is excluded from coverage because it is not “long-term,” or because the worker does not qualify under the plan (e.g., because the worker is an independent contractor or part-time employee who does not have benefits).  Claims could also be denied if the applicant does not provide enough information to prove their disability or because the forms and paperwork are incomplete.

In other cases, claims may be denied because of unfair technicalities or made-up excuses.  Insurance companies sometimes even cut off communication, deny claims without giving a reason, or lie to applicants in an attempt to reduce the number of claims they have to pay.

Whether your denial fits within one of the justifiable reasons or your denial was based on pretextual excuses or downright lies, you should contact an attorney for help.  Attorneys practiced in appealing Cigna disability denials can help you work through Cigna’s specific system and through the court system to appeal your claim and, hopefully, get the claim paid in full.

What Are the Damages for Winning an Appeal Against Cigna’s Long-Term Insurance Denials in Pennsylvania?

When a denial is overturned, whether through the insurance company’s appeals process or through the courts, the money paid is typically limited to what was owed under the plan.  Going through the process of filing an appeal can mean finally getting the benefits you were entitled to.  This can help pay for replacement wages and medical care, helping you get back on your feet.  Hiring an attorney and working with them to get the insurance company to pay what they owed you involves a longer process than you should have been subjected to, but getting those payments often makes it worth it.

Generally speaking, these claims are handled under a federal law known as the Employee Retirement Income Security Act (ERISA) because your employer provides your long-term disability benefits.  ERISA claims, unfortunately, do not allow victims of long-term disability insurance denials to claim punitive damages.  While this might mean you do not get additional benefits or damages by winning your claim, it often means that insurance companies like Cigna have nothing to lose by paying what they owe you.

The additional pressure of filing a lawsuit and forcing Cigna to answer for potentially unfair denials is often enough to push them into paying what they owe you.  Working with a long-term disability denial attorney is an important part of showing the insurance company that you are serious about your claim.

Call Our Cigna Long-Term Disability Appeal Lawyers in Pennsylvania

If you or a loved one has an employer-provided long-term disability plan through Cigna, and you are being denied benefits, call Young, Marr & Associates at (215) 515-2954.  Our attorneys for long-term disability denials from Cigna insurance offer free consultations.

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