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Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) benefit applications have a high rate of denials. Unfortunately, these applications are typically denied due to mistakes in the determinations concerning the disability and extent of physical limitations. While it can take a lot of effort and time to apply for SSDI benefits, your chances of receiving these benefits often hinge upon whether your supporting documentation meets the criteria as prescribed by statutes. With knowledgeable attorneys on your side, you can file a successful application and fight forcefully if denied.

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SSDI Application Filing Process in Pennsylvania

A successful SSDI application typically contains information that will give officials at the Bureau of Disability Determinations (BDD) sufficient information for a finding that you have a disability and that you are not engaged in a substantial gainful activity. Even if your application appears complete, you can expect it to be denied, as is the case for most initial SSDI applications. However, as explained below, there are multiple levels of review you’ll need to go through.

The documentation required in your application should substantiate your condition and its impact on your ability to work. In addition to the medical records you provide, the SSA may access health care records with your authorization. Your attorney can give you a better understanding of what this means in terms of your privacy rights.

You should expect the SSA to request documents from your regular physician. Your application may be denied if you provide insufficient medical documentation. If your doctor’s documents are unclear concerning your symptoms, it’s possible SSA physicians will examine you before drawing a conclusion. With an experienced disability lawyer at your side, you can approach this process with some preparation as to what should be expected.

In addition, when you apply, you’ll be required to provide detailed information about:

  • Your current earnings (and source of income)
  • Your assets
  • Your household income
  • Your bank statements
  • Other benefits you may be receiving
  • Information regarding your work history, including jobs from the past 15 years
  • Your citizenship status

An attorney can give you more detailed information as to what types of information you will need to provide in your application.

SSA Requirements for Qualifying for Disability

Federal Social Security statutes and regulations aim to provide standardized methods of decision making by instituting medical and occupational deadlines. These guidelines are considered legal requirements:

Legal Definition of Disability

You can be permanently or temporarily disabled. However, your symptoms have to be consistent with the applicable legal standard. There are legal provisions under Title II of the Social Security Act regarding the legal requirements for someone to be legally disabled. Some of these requirements include:

  • Having a medical condition that prevents you from working.
  • Having symptoms that render you unable to do any job you are qualified to perform.

The legal question concerning your disability will focus on whether there are transferrable skills from your previous profession — that is, skills from your previous training more suitable for duties consistent with your medical condition. Your attorney can give you more individualized information regarding your medical condition’s eligibility for SSDI benefits. While not all medical conditions are recognized, there are ways any condition can meet the legal requirements under SSD’s guidelines regarding symptoms qualifying for a disability.

 Legal Definition of Substantial Gainful Activity

In essence, you cannot be employed to qualify for SSD benefits. As of 2019, if your earnings from working exceed $1,220 per month, your application for SSDI benefits are typically denied by your employment income.

SSDI Review Process

Unfortunately, the SSDI process is known for a high rate of denials at the initial stage. Upon denial of your SSDI application, there are various stages of appellate review within the SSA system preceding submission to a federal court. These stages include:


You can request a reconsideration from the PDD officials. This means there will be a review of your application by a different disability claims examiner.

Administrative Hearing

If your claim is denied, the next step is filing an appeal before an administrative law judge (ALJ). The ALJ is considered part of the SSA, but the judges are attorneys who are supposed to issue impartial rulings regarding the review of your claim at the PDD. The ALJ should look at whether the claims examiner had a substantial basis or evidence for the decision.

Social Security Administration Appeals Board

Whenever you file an appeal with the Social Security Administration, your next stop could be with the SSA Appeals Council. The Appeals Council is not required to review your case. Sometimes, you can provide new evidence at this stage. A qualified attorney can help you understand what you can do at this stage in order to strengthen your application. If this appeal is denied, you should proceed to federal court.

Federal Court Appeal

At the federal court appeal level, the basis of the review will be around whether your record has substantial evidence substantiating the previous findings.

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