East Brunswick, NJ Disability (SSDI) Lawyer

Managing everything that comes along with a disability or illness can be stressful, especially if you’re left without the ability to earn a regular income. When that happens, you shouldn’t be forced to defend the benefits that are rightfully yours. Unfortunately, it’s usually necessary with the piles of paperwork and red tape required from the federal government to prove to them you’re not physically or mentally capable of working.

Filing for Social Security Disability coverage can be a frustrating and lengthy process. The paperwork alone seems monstrous and add to it enforced deadlines, legal jargon and necessary evidence – well, the task becomes overwhelming.

Young, Marr and Associates has been helping clients successfully gain Social Security Disability coverage for more than 25 years and we’ve represented thousands of clients during that time.

One of our attorneys can walk you through the process step-by-step, help you to gather the important documents to support your claim, file the necessary paperwork in a timely manner and if necessary, appeal a claim that’s been denied.

You need an experienced attorney on your team. We will handle your case courteously, honestly and quickly. Young, Marr and Associates has the knowledge required to get you the benefits you deserve.

What is Social Security Disability Coverage?

The Social Security and Supplemental Security Income disability programs are the largest of several Federal programs that provide assistance to people with disabilities. They are both administered by the Social Security Administration and only individuals who have a disability and meet medical criteria (set by the government) may qualify for benefits under either program.

“Disability” under Social Security is based on your inability to work. The government considers you disabled under Social Security rules if:

  • You cannot do work that you did before
  • The government decides that you cannot adjust to other work because of your medical condition(s)
  • Your disability has lasted or is expected to last for at least one year or to result in death

Social Security Disability Insurance pays benefits to you and certain members of your family if you are “insured,” meaning that you worked long enough and paid Social Security taxes.

Supplemental Security Income pays benefits based on financial need.

How We Can Help

  • We will offer you advice and counsel on the law, various requirements, and whether or not you may be eligible for Social Security Disability benefits
  • We will review your medical records and determine whether you need more testing
  • We will develop medical evidence to support your claim through gathering proper medical records and supportive statements from doctors
  • We will prepare you for the hearing
  • We will decide if witness testimony is necessary and if it is, make the proper arrangements
  • We will gather letters of support from friends, family members, employers, caregivers and other people as necessary to support your claim
  • If you’ve been denied coverage, we will review your denial and determine the best possible course of action to reverse the denial

Trying to face the uphill battle of gaining Social Security Disability benefits on your own can be detrimental to your case. Call one of our attorneys today and let us focus on getting you benefits – so you can focus on your health.  Reach one of our attorneys today for a free consultation.