Compassionate Allowances and Your Social Security Disability Claim

Our Social Security Disability (SSD) disability lawyers receive plenty of questions from concerned clients worried if their conditions qualify them for benefits. They’ve heard that certain conditions automatically qualify them for disability benefits. While we’re quick to point out there are no conditions that trigger “instant” approval, there are situations that can cause the Social Security Administration (SSA) to speed the application process along to completion. Let’s take a look at what the federal government refers to as Compassionate Allowances Conditions (CAL). Having one of these conditions presents enormous physical difficulties, which makes your application for disability income that much more important.

What is the Compassionate Allowances System?

The Social Security Administration actually has a legal obligation to expedite the benefits process for applicants whose conditions are serious or likely to be life-threatening. Compassionate Allowances provides officials reviewing applications an opportunity to approve payments for those falling under the statutes based on minimal medical information. Basically, if you qualify for Compassionate Allowances based on the information your doctor provides, you can get payments faster than those who do not.

How Do I Know If I Qualify?

After our attorneys finish compiling evidence from your doctor, we compare your diagnosis to the Listing of Impairments maintained by the Social Security Administration. The federal government continually updates the list using information gathered from advocacy groups, medical and scientific professionals, and the National Institutes of Health. Conditions range from rare genetic disorders to inoperable cancer and those waiting on heart transplant lists.

Is the Application Process Different for CAL Diseases?

No. You still must file the application for Social Security Disability benefits using the same forms as others suffering from daily pain and physical limitations. Having a CAL disease or illness isn’t an automatic stamp of approval for disability payments. The SSA looks at your condition in terms of your functional capacity – what you’re able to do on your own – in making their final determination. What CAL does is provide a fast track for your approval, because conditions on the list typically advance quickly and rob someone suffering from them of the large portion of their independence. You may need that money in a hurry because you’re rapidly losing your ability to work and perform simple tasks, including dressing or feeding yourself.

What if My Application is Denied?

You still have the same rights to appeal your benefit denial as other SSD applicants. If you have a CAL disease or illness, it’s of vital importance we make the federal government aware of your ailment as soon as possible. Our SSD attorneys in NJ and PA can go over your rejected application for errors, determine where you need stronger information, and work with you to maximize its chances for success. Contact our law office today and take advantage of our more than 25 years of experience handling Social Security Disability claims. We’ve helped thousands of clients claim millions of dollars in benefits – we can do the same for you, but only if you give us a call.