Northampton County, PA Bankruptcy Lawyer

When you feel as though you are trapped with insurmountable debt, everyday life can become a nightmare. The constant flow of past due notices, collection letters, and calls from creditors can cause huge amounts of stress and depression, leaving you afraid to open your mail box or answer your phone.  You don’t deserve to live with fear, worry, and anxiety.  You deserve a second chance, and most of all, you deserve priceless peace of mind.

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How Filing for Bankruptcy in Pennsylvania Can Help You

Bankruptcy is more common in Northampton County than you might think.  According to annual reports compiled by the United States Bankruptcy Court for the Eastern District of Pennsylvania, the county experienced totals of:

  • 991 filings in 2011.
  • 919 filings in 2012.
  • 818 filings in 2013.

Consumer bankruptcy can help give you the clean slate you need.  Through the power of Chapter 7 and Chapter 13 bankruptcy, many people are able to:

  • Consolidate, manage, and eliminate their debts.
  • Banish aggressive creditors from further contact.
  • Delay foreclosure or other collection actions.
  • Jump years ahead in their financial affairs.

However, it is critically important to the outcome of your case that you approach the matter with the assistance of an experienced lawyer.  While there is no law prohibiting self-representation (also known as pro se representation), the pro se success rate for consumer cases is very low due to the complexity and rigorous demands of state and federal bankruptcy code.  To quote none other than the U.S. Courts:

“It is very important that a bankruptcy case be filed and handled correctly.  The rules are very technical, and a misstep may affect a debtor’s rights.  […] Bankruptcy has long-term financial and legal consequences — hiring a competent attorney is strongly recommended.”

What is the Difference Between Chapter 7 and Chapter 13 Bankruptcy?

The overwhelming majority of cases are classed as either Chapter 7 (“liquidation”) or Chapter 13 (“reorganization”).  The decision is primarily determined by the results of Means Testing.

In a nutshell, the Means Test is a financial calculator which will weigh your income and other factors against the median household income for the state.  The results will determine which chapter or chapters you are permitted to file for.

Chapter 7 is surprisingly rapid: these cases typically conclude in as little as four to six months.  The majority of consumer cases fall into this category, although qualification is based on financial need.  Some people who qualify for Chapter 7 may elect to pursue a Chapter 13 in order to protect more assets, as the “liquidation” aspect of Chapter 7 generally calls for some possessions to be sold.

Chapter 13 takes more time, and usually wraps up within three to five years.  This is because Chapter 13 features a reorganization plan with the petitioner’s creditors, which will call for gradual repayments to be made over a period of years.  While this requirement is not realistic for some debtors, who are subsequently assigned to Chapter 7, the ultimate trade-off is greater protection of assets.

Both chapters have the power to discharge many of your debts, including but not limited to:

  • Credit Card Bills
  • Medical Bills
  • Utility Bills
  • Personal Loans

Both chapters also come with the added benefit of the automatic stay, an injunction which places an immediate freeze on collection actions and creditor contact.  For many filers, the long-awaited break from their creditors is as valuable as debt discharge.

Our Northampton County, PA Bankruptcy Attorneys Will Fight for You

When you work with an attorney from Young, Marr & Associates, you can feel confident you are in capable hands.  Our dedicated legal team has more than 20 years of experience, and we have filed more than 5,000 cases for debtors just like yourself.  We will prepare your financial paperwork, negotiate with your creditors, help you protect your property and assets, and aggressively protect your rights.

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