What Are Private Disability Claims?

Private disability claims are those claims that are filed against a private insurer rather than against a government program. These types of claims are significant because they serve more than one purpose, and are especially important for those who may not fully understand the process of filing a claim in the workplace.

Workers Compensation vs. Private Disability

Many people confuse private disability or disability of any kind with Worker’s Compensation benefits. While the two can be used at the same time, it isn’t the most likely scenario. Worker’s Compensation covers lost wages when you are injured at work in a situation that was not your fault. For example, if the safety feature on a machine does not work and you are injured because of it, your injury would likely fall under workers compensation. At the same time, if you knowingly shut off the safety feature and are injured, you may not qualify for worker’s compensation benefits, but you may be able to file a disability claim.

Purpose of Private Disability

In some cases, your situation may not fall under the guidelines of government disability. In the case of your own fault or an illness, they won’t fall under Worker’s Compensation either, leaving you in a bind without any income. Private disability has guidelines that are often considered less stringent than government guidelines, but private insurers often process claims faster than government entities.

What are Private Disability Claims 2

Private Disability Claims

Although they might be processed faster and could help in situations that aren’t covered by other types of providers, private disability claims can be more difficult to claim. Because these are often complicated claims where you are required to deal with insurance providers and adjusters, it’s often in your best interests to have a private disability lawyer in your corner to help.

Pennsylvania Bankruptcy Lawyers Offering Free Consultations

If you are in a situation where you may lose some of your income on a short-term or long-term basis, private disability claims may be the only way to keep afloat. Our Philadelphia disability lawyers can help you with your private disability claim from the beginning to the end. Call our PA offices at 215-515-2954 or our NJ offices at 609-557-3081 to schedule your free initial consultation.