Reasons Private Disability Claims Are Denied

If you are trying to file a private disability claim, you may want to consult your physician as well as your attorney before you submit the claim. While some claims are denied because of simple things like a lack of submitting the proper paperwork, others are denied for much more substantial reasons. It’s always best to know what to expect before you attempt to file a claim, especially if you are taking the chance of doing it yourself. Here are some of the most common reasons a private disability claim is denied.

Disability Time is Too Short

Whether you file a claim for disability from the government or a private insurance company, time plays an important role in denial and approval. The entire point of a disability claim in any form is to help you recover some of the funds that you lose by not being able to go to work. However, each insurance policy has its own limitations on the length of time it will cover and the minimum length of time you will need to be off of work to receive benefits. For example, if you are going to be off work for a week, you may not qualify for most disability programs. It’s largely dependent on the policy you bought and the regulations of the provider.

Lack of Disability

Reasons Private Disability Claims Are Denied 2What you may consider a disability may not be the same thing that the Social Security. Administration or your private disability insurer sees as a disability. Again, this is something you can cover with your physician as well as your New Jersey disability lawyer. Keep in mind that you should always follow the recommendation of your doctor, but you also need to find out if your doctor is going to support your disability claim before you file a claim. Private disability claims rely on this type of information to approve or deny the claim.

You may not be sure if your claim will be denied, but it’s crucial to consult a qualified Philadelphia disability lawyer before filing your claim. Call our PA offices at 215-515-2954 or our NJ offices at 609-557-3081 to schedule your free initial consultation.