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Can Police Search Your Home or Car Without a Warrant in Pennsylvania?

In short, the answer is: “PROBABLY NOT!”  Under current Pennsylvania law, police can now no longer search a vehicle unless they have two (2) things: probable cause AND exigent circumstances. Probable Cause & Exigent Circumstances In the year 2014, Pennsylvania...

How to Restore Your Driver’s License in Pennsylvania

There are a number of reasons why a driver’s license may be suspended.  For example, maybe the driver was convicted of Driving Under the Influence charge; or, maybe a driver has too many points on his or her driver’s license; or maybe a driver has unpaid traffic...

Can I Get Arrested on a Warrant in Pennsylvania During COVID-19?

While a worldwide pandemic challenges the nation, police departments across Pennsylvania have instituted procedures to help keep law enforcement officers and the community as safe as possible. Courts have shut down or restricted access, while police departments have...

Can I Get Arrested on a Warrant in Bucks County During COVID-19?

While the country struggles with a nationwide shutdown, the Bucks County Police Department has instituted new protocols and procedures to keep its officers and the community as safe as possible. Through the implementation of an online system, the Bucks County Police...

Can I Be Charged with DUI in Pennsylvania If I Wasn’t Driving the Car?

Did you know that you don’t necessarily need to be “driving” in order to be charged with a DUI? That’s right. Under Pennsylvania law, police can charge you with driving under the influence if you are in what’s known as “actual physical control” of a vehicle. Actual...



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Learn what to do if you have been stopped for DUI/DWI.

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If this is your first DUI offense, you may be eligible for ARD.

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