Fact and Fiction: Debunking Social Security Disability Myths

Many call Social Security Disability (SSD) a symptom of the entitlement culture gripping our country. Detractors point to the fund as “free money” decrying anyone who applies for benefits as either a freeloader at best or an outright fraud at the worst.  These are myths easily propagated by those who haven’t had the misfortune of developing a debilitating illness or suffering a permanent injury in an accident. Our SSD lawyers expose the stereotypes for what they are, and reinforce the rights of disabled individuals to obtain the money they deserve.

Social Security Disability is Free Money!

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Not true. Everyone eligible to receive benefits has paid into the Social Security system through payroll tax deductions. It takes years of total deductions to become eligible for full benefits. People who paid into the system have every right to access it when their physical condition becomes such that they can no longer work and provide for themselves. It’s very difficult for someone with zero work history to qualify. Even when a person who hasn’t work gets the okay to receive benefits, they’re usually accessing a spouse’s work history to do so, which means someone has already paid the money into the fund beforehand.

It’s Easy for People to Fake a Disability and Get Money

Only 40 percent of all applicants obtain approval for benefits, according to the Social Security Administration (SSA). The low percentage indicates that the process for reviewing applications is thorough, and requires detailed information on the part of applicants. If the process was easy, don’t you think the approval rate would be much higher? Having a team of SSD attorneys on your side can increase your chances of approval because they can handle the complicated forms and medical record gathering for you. Faking a disease or injury to attempt to defraud the government is a crime, and a serious one. Do not apply for disability benefits unless you have a real and legitimate reason for doing so.

The System is Collapsing Anyway

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As a larger section of the population grows older, there are increased strains on social programs like federal disability payments through the SSA. More people are eligible for benefits than ever before, so the government pays out more money – it’s that simple. The system may require some work to provide a stable platform for the next few decades, but it’s by no means going to disappear tomorrow or even the next five years. Those who are suffering shouldn’t think twice about submitting an application. Doing so might be the only way for them to obtain income that could allow them to put food on the table and a roof over their heads.

If your doctor has diagnosed you with an injury or illness that will reduce your functional capacity, and prevent you from working, for at least a year or more, you may be eligible for Social Security Disability benefits. Call our law firm today to being exploring your rights to submit an application to the federal government.

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