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Paul J. Mallis, Esquire

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With years of legal experience, Paul Mallis contributes invaluable knowledge and skill to our practice at Young, Marr & Associates. Mr. Mallis, who is qualified to practice in the states of Pennsylvania and New Jersey, is known for providing aggressive, results-oriented representation. No matter what sort of case he is working on, Mr. Mallis applies innovative and effective strategies, going above and beyond in pursuit of the best possible outcome – even when a client is facing an extremely challenging set of legal circumstances.
Mr. Mallis takes pride in providing top-notch legal representation to all of the clients he serves. He believes in being responsive, communicative, and honest. Mr. Mallis understands the intense pressures and uncertainties that people are facing when they contact Young, Marr & Associates for legal help, and believes in making himself personally available to clients around the clock. When the residents of New Jersey and Pennsylvania need steadfast, dependable guidance on tough legal issues, they turn to Paul Mallis and Young, Marr & Associates.

In addition to normal business hours, our attorneys are always willing to meet clients on evenings or weekends by appointment.

Have You:

Been paying credit card balances that seem to never go down?

Lost your job and are now having trouble keeping up?

Attempted to work out a payment arrangement to no avail?

Been notified of a mortgage foreclosure action?

Been denied for a mortgage or other line of credit?

If the answer to any of these questions is “yes” then bankruptcy may be an option that you should consider.

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