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Philadelphia Drug Paraphernalia Possession Lawyer

An arrest and charge for drug paraphernalia may not seem quite as bad as an arrest and charge for actual drugs, but the effects on your life can actually be quite similar. In addition to the social ramifications, if you accidentally violate a drug law, you could be facing prison time and fines.

Consulting a Philadelphia drug paraphernalia possession lawyer will be integral to determining your next step. Get help and don’t face the legal proceedings alone.

Drugs or No Drugs, Paraphernalia Is Still Illegal

You do not need to have drugs on you to be accused of committing a crime or to be convicted of one. All you need to do is get caught carrying something that could be used for the creation, use, or sale of drugs.

In the case of drug paraphernalia charges, you could simply be caught carrying a pipe. This creates a substantial gray area and leaves room for interpretation for both law enforcement and prosecutors to decide what actually constitutes paraphernalia.

For example, a pipe could reasonably be used for tobacco and a bong could reasonably be used as part of a legal hookah. These points could be essential to your defense in court.

Know the Law

If you use any recreational drugs, you should know what the laws in Pennsylvania are regarding the possession of drug paraphernalia. These laws are strict in all cases.

In fact, if you are caught with less than thirty grams of marijuana, you may end up serving just thirty days in jail and paying a $500 fine. However, if you are caught carrying drug paraphernalia with the intent to use it, you could be facing one year in jail and a $2,500 fine.

This level of discrepancy is something most people do not expect, so while carrying a pipe may not seem like a big deal to you, a police officer will think otherwise. If you are arrested for carrying or selling drug paraphernalia, call our office and speak with a Philadelphia drug paraphernalia possession lawyer as soon as possible.

Reducing Penalties

It may be possible for your attorney to have the charges against you reduced. Doing so before going to trial limits your risk for receiving penalties such as prison time or paying a fine.

If we cannot get the charges reduced before going to trial, we will need to build a strong defense by gathering evidence supporting your innocence or demonstrate that the drug paraphernalia charge was a mistake to begin with. Taking steps such as entering a voluntary drug treatment program can also help to reduce any penalties.

Speak with a Philadelphia Drug Paraphernalia Possession Lawyer

While we cannot guarantee what the outcome of your case will be, retaining a Philadelphia drug paraphernalia possession lawyer will provide you with a strong legal defense that may prevent a conviction or reduce the penalties you face.

Contact Young, Marr & Associates at (215) 701-6519 to schedule a free consultation. You might think a paraphernalia charge isn’t as serious as a drug charge, but it absolutely is. Work with an attorney, and don’t put your future at risk.



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We have decades of experience dealing with local police departments, prosecutors, and judges throughout southeastern Pennsylvania and New Jersey.

Anyone facing charges involving a criminal offense can expect to experience a heightened degree of emotional turmoil, for themselves, as well as their family members. Our team of highly qualified criminal law attorneys and expert legal support staff are committed to providing each of our client’s with the compassion and understanding they deserve, as well as an aggressive plan for representation at an affordable price.

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