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A traffic stop after you’ve had one too many can end in an arrest for driving under the influence. In an instant, you’re faced with possible jail time, the loss of your driving privileges, heavy fines and a skyrocketing insurance premium. It’s a lot to handle, and even worse if you don’t have a dedicated law firm working to preserve your rights. Doing nothing is simply not an option, not when your livelihood and good name are at stake. What if we told you, that you could still make a great decision in the midst of the worst night of your life? Our Montgomery County DUI attorneys are available 24 hours a day to take your all-important phone call.

Call Young, Marr & Associates today at (609) 755-3115 in New Jersey or (215) 701-6519 in Pennsylvania and get the experienced legal representation your case demands. We’ve represented more than 5,000 people across the state for DUI-related offenses. You’re innocent until proven guilty, and we won’t treat you any other way.

Beating DUI Charges in Pennsylvania

Not all police officer follow appropriate guidelines when it traffic stops and field sobriety tests. Some gloss over regulations and may coerce suspects into tests that they may have had rights to refuse. Our DUI attorneys in Montgomery County examine your case from multiple angles to determine if authorities upheld your rights as required by law, or abused their powers in some way to arrest you.

  • Request Equipment Maintenance Records – we want to know what type of alcohol detection device authorities used to determine your blood alcohol level. Our legal team will request maintenance records for the device to determine if it was working properly when used on you.
  • Legality of the Traffic Stop – the United States isn’t under martial law. The authorities must have a valid reason for stopping your vehicle in the first place or your subsequent arrest would’ve never happened. Our lawyers will examine the police reports from the day in question and will contest any irregularities we find in court fiercely.
  • Warrantless Seizures of Blood and Urine – a recent U.S. Supreme Court ruling has cast doubt the ability of police to compel you to provide a urine or blood sample without a valid warrant. If the authorities forced you to give them your bodily fluids in violation of federal law, we’ll work have the DUI charge against you dismissed

Facing a jail sentence is no time to worry about money or your financial ability to hire an attorney to represent you. That’s why Young, Marr & Associates offer flexible payment plans so you can continue to receive our skilled legal counsel without experiencing a hiccup in your finances. We want the best possible outcome for your case, and easing your mind goes a long way to achieving that resolution.

Our firm features two former prosecutors, including the former Senior Deputy District Attorney. We know the law, and how to fight aggressively for every client who chooses to hire us. Please call today at (609) 755-3115 in New Jersey or (215) 701-6519 in Pennsylvania and let’s get to work.



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Learn what to do if you have been stopped for DUI/DWI.

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If this is your first DUI offense, you may be eligible for ARD.



Commonwealth v. "H" (DUI case)

Client was charged with three separate DUI cases calling for mandatory minimum imprisonment of 90 days on each case. Client was advised to seek immediate intensive alcohol counseling. Client was sentenced to 1 year of house arrest after serving 3 days in the county prison.


Commonwealth v. "C" (Felony drug/Firearms case)

Client was charged with felony Delivery of drugs and illegal gun possession and was facing a mandatory 3-6 year prison sentence in the State prison system. Client was sentenced to one year of house arrest.


Commonwealth v. "S"

Client was charged with simple assault, domestic. After a hearing where evidence and testimony was presented, the entire case was dismissed by Judge Leonard Brown.


State of New Jersey v. "H"

Charges for young man charged with second degree aggravated assault were downgraded to third degree and he was accepted into the County Pretrial Intervention program with charges to be dismissed and record expunged after one year of misconduct free behavior.


We have decades of experience dealing with local police departments, prosecutors, and judges throughout southeastern Pennsylvania and New Jersey.

Anyone facing charges involving a criminal offense can expect to experience a heightened degree of emotional turmoil, for themselves, as well as their family members. Our team of highly qualified criminal law attorneys and expert legal support staff are committed to providing each of our client’s with the compassion and understanding they deserve, as well as an aggressive plan for representation at an affordable price.

As former prosecutors, we have a balanced and in-depth understanding of the criminal justice system and how the prosecution prepares cases. In addition, we have long-standing experience dealing with local police departments, prosecutors and judges throughout southeastern Pennsylvania and New Jersey.

At Young, Marr and Associates, when we say “experience matters,” we mean it. Our lawyers, which include two former prosecutors and a former senior deputy district attorney bring more than three decades of criminal law experience, handling more than 10,000 criminal cases. It is precisely that experience that allows us to achieve outstanding results for our clients facing DUI, traffic, felony and misdemeanor charges in state, federal and juvenile courts.