What to Do if You Are Denied Disability Benefits in Pennsylvania

Each year, millions of Americans apply for some form of disability, whether it be SSI (Supplemental Security Income) or SSDI (Social Security Disability Insurance). Each year, half of them — or, according to some estimates, even more than half of them — will be denied by the SSA (Social Security Administration). The general reasoning behind the stringent application process is the deterrence of individuals attempting to commit social security fraud — but what about the reasoning behind your rejection in particular? Why might the United States government fail to recognize your disability, even when your doctor says you’re impaired?

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Why You Were Rejected for Disability Benefits

When you apply to receive disability benefits, the unfortunate truth is that even at best, you’re just as likely to be rejected as you are approved — at least on your first pass. Both benefits programs are administered and overseen by the SSA, which is is also responsible for reviewing all applications.

If the SSA sends you a rejection notice, they will include the reasoning behind their decision. While you may not necessarily agree with their verdict, it’s important to understand the thought process behind it.

In addition to the decision itself, a denial notice from the SSA will include a list of the medical records they received from the applicant, and their explanation for why they opted to deny the claim. For example, let’s say you have a heart condition. Your doctor says you can no longer perform work that is physically demanding beyond a certain threshold due to a weakened heart and increased risk of a heart attack when under exertion. If you used to be a construction worker, warehouse worker, or worked in any other field demanding a high level of physical activity, you would logically draw the conclusion that you can no longer safely work in that field. Therefore, when the government insists you’re okay to keep going, you’re likely to feel surprised and upset. After all, your doctor said it was unsafe.

The government, however, is not as attached to your industry as you are. While officials of the SSA may have conceded that heavy lifting is no longer a reasonable option, they have also determined that there is a host of other jobs you could perform. In the eyes of the SSA, you are still perfectly able to perform desk work that requires minimal physical labor.

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Social Security Denials and Appeals in Pennsyvlania

You, however, have been doing hard physical labor your entire life. It’s what you know and where you excel, and the prospect of shifting into a completely different industry seems unacceptable. The good news is, the SSA’s decision is not final. Once you have been rejected, it’s time to appeal, appeal, appeal (provided you haven’t already missed any critical deadlines, in which case you’ll be obligated to start from scratch). In fact, the majority of successful SSI/SSDI claims are won not on the first round, but during a second or even third round of appeals.

Our Pennsylvania Disability Benefits Appeals Lawyer Can Help

Nonetheless, winning over the SSA in an appeal is no easy feat — especially with your rejection(s) already stacked against you. You need an experienced, aggressive disability lawyer who knows the social security system thoroughly: you need Young, Marr & Associates. Don’t suffer needlessly — get what you’re entitled to. Contact us today.


Before coming to Young, Marr & Associates, our SSD attorneys worked for the SSA which gives us an advantage over attorneys who have never dealt directly with the internal SSA system. We know the process is difficult – your job is to get better, and our job is to make sure you get the disability you deserve.

Chances are you are preoccupied dealing with a painful illness. You are concerned about your financial future, about how you will get by without a steady source of income.

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