Pledge seeks to end gender violence

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Pennsylvania Gov. Tom Wolf made a pledge last Friday in an effort to end gender violence and also raise awareness of its consequences. The governor’s office released a statement to the media about the pledge on Friday.

The pledge commits people to never use violence in relationships, to speak up, support work to end gender violence, and to be a mentor to younger men, according to an article by the Centre Daily Times.

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“The campaign is organized by the Pennsylvania Coalition Against Domestic Violence, the release said, and asks each signer to never use violence of any form in a relationship,” the article reads. “According to the coalition, 1 in 3 women and 1 in 4 men have been victims of some sort of physical violence by an intimate partner.”

Wolf told the media that it’s important the people of Pennsylvania work to reduce all violence, but that domestic violence is particularly damaging to women and children within the communities. He went on to say that strong men respect women and that by speaking out and raising awareness about violence within the home, it will help to end gender violence and make Pennsylvania communities safer.

“The Coalition Against Domestic Violence is a statewide collaborative membership organization, according to the release. One local member of the coalition is the Centre County Women’s Resource Center,” the article reads. “Lindsey Faussette, CCWRC outreach and education director, said the pledge was a great campaign, adding that while many people may not be able to envision themselves in a domestic violence situation, they can connect with the idea of being a father or part of a family.”

The pledge also gives specific ways that people can make a difference within their communities, while showing support to those who have experienced some type of domestic violence.

“CCWRC receives state funding through the Coalition Against Domestic Violence, she said, which allows the center to provide resources to the various individuals seeking help, as well as tools to provide preventive efforts locally,” the article reads. “Often people don’t support domestic violence, but they think, ‘What can I do?’ ” she said. “The pledge lays out a range of things, depending on someones comfort level, that they can do in their own lives to help.”

Pennsylvanians are being encouraged to take the Father’s Day Pledge to End Gender Violence at



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