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If you are unable to work due to age or a disability, you consequently become unable to earn income.  If you cannot earn income, you have little to no financial recourse when it comes to paying your utility bills, your medical bills, your mortgage or rental payments, purchasing groceries, and other living expenses.

If you are unable to cover the basic costs of living, it can quickly become a very challenging and stressful situation. You may have concerned about how you are going to care for your loved ones, whether you will be able to keep a roof over your head, or how you will be able to afford healthcare and medical treatments.

Fortunately, you may be eligible for assistance through the SSA, or Social Security Administration. To set up a free and private legal consultation with an experienced Trenton, New Jersey social security disability attorney, call Young, Marr & Associates at (609) 755-3115 in New Jersey or (215) 701-6519 in Pennsylvania today.

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Who Receives Benefits in Mercer County?

Fortunately, for individuals who are unable to maintain steady employment due to age or disability, the SSA (Social Security Administration) offers financial assistance in the form of social security disability benefits.  According to New Jersey state statistics from the SSA, as of December of 2012:

  • 1,525,539 residents received OASDI benefits.
  • 177,334 residents received SSI benefits.
  • 55,897 residents receiving SSI also received OASDI.

In Mercer County, New Jersey:

  • 64,840 residents received OASDI benefits.
  • 9,488 residents received SSI benefits.
  • 2,789 residents receiving SSI also received OASDI.

According to SSA data from June of 2013:

  • Retirees received average monthly benefits of $1,269.
  • Disabled workers received average monthly benefits of $1,129.

In 2013, the SSA dispensed nearly $816 billion in social security benefits across the United States. But while the SSA may offer crucial financial assistance to those who do qualify for benefits, qualifying itself is not an easy task.  The SSA estimates that between 2001 and 2010,  the average rate of benefits approval for disabled workers was only 45%, meaning the denial rate was higher at 55%. The SSA also reports that during the same time period, only 28% of all applicants were awarded benefits during the first round of claims submissions, meaning 72% were denied.

Trenton, New Jersey Social Security Disability Lawyers

As the SSA’s own numbers clearly demonstrate, being approved to receive social security benefits or disability benefits is a daunting task.  The SSA’s claims processing system is intentionally structured to make being approved for a benefits claim difficult.  When you are coping with the pain of a disability and the emotional strain of worrying about your finances, obtaining the financial assistance you deserve can become all but impossible.

At Young, Marr & Associates, our Trenton, New Jersey social security disability attorneys have over 25 years of experience helping the residents of Trenton and Mercer County get approved for disability benefits.  Our highly experienced legal team has represented thousands of individuals over more than two decades practicing social security law, and our disability lawyers have won millions of dollars in benefits for our clients.

No matter what stage of the social security disability claims process you have reached, our Trenton, New Jersey social security disability lawyers are here to assist you.  Our expert attorneys can help you:

  • Complete and file a claim for SSI benefits or SSDI benefits.
  • Appeal an initial rejection for benefits if you have already been denied.
  • Edit and evaluate your disability application.
  • Collect and review important medical and employment documentation.
  • Maximize your chances of being awarded disability benefits.

Types of Benefits Available

Social security disability benefits are not one, overarching form of financial assistance.  In fact, if you are applying for social security disability benefits in Trenton, New Jersey, there are several distinct forms of benefits offered by the social security program which you may qualify for:

  1. SSDI (Social Security Disability Insurance)
  2. SSI (Supplemental Security Income)

Some people even qualify to receive both simultaneously, which is called concurrent benefits.  But what is the difference between SSI and SSDI, and which form of benefits is more appropriate for you?

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SSDI (Social Security Disability Insurance)

Social Security Disability Insurance is available to aged and physically or mentally disabled individuals who have qualified by:

  1. Having a disability which is included on the SSA’s official list of impairments.
  2. Having a sufficient amount of social security work credits (usually a total of 40 credits, with at least 20 earned within 10 years of the year you became disabled).

In addition to being included on the list of impairments, your disability must meet the following requirements:

  1. Your disability must be severe enough to interfere with work.
  2. Your disability must prevent you from performing your previous work.
  3. Your disability must prevent you from performing alternate types of work.

If you are earning more than $1,070 per month, you are unlikely to be granted SSDI.

SSI (Supplemental Security Income)

SSDI requires that recipients have already spent a certain amount of time and money paying into the social security system.  SSI, on the other hand, has no such requirement, because unlike SSDI, SSI is granted based on financial need. In order to qualify for SSI benefits, you must:

  1. Be blind, disabled, or at least 65 years old.
  2. Have limited income (yearly earnings).
  3. Have limited resources (cash, property, land, stocks, bonds, vehicles, insurance).

If you’re interested in filing a claim or appealing a denial, Young, Marr & Associates can help. Call us today at 1 (609) 755-3115 in New Jersey or (215) 701-6519 in Pennsylvania, or contact us online.