Long Term Disability (ERISA) Policies and Provisions Explained

Oftentimes, I am contacted by individuals who have been denied long term disability benefits. When questioned further, they are often unaware of the individual policy provisions. While many ERISA based (employer based) policies often delineate the terms providing...

What Are the Changes to Social Security Disability Benefits for 2019?

Each year, the Social Security Administration (SSA) updates its rules for receiving Social Security benefits. This includes the benefits for retirees claiming Social Security, but also for disabled Americans receiving benefits for their conditions. The Pennsylvania...

SSDI Income Limits 2019

Disability paid through the Social Security Disability Insurance program (SSDI) is one of the most popular ways for disabled individuals to receive benefits to help support them and their families. This program requires you to have a serious disability that prevents...

Can Substance Abuse Prevent Me from Obtaining Disability Benefits?

Oftentimes, claimants will wonder can I still receive disability benefits if I have a drug or alcohol addiction. This answer is a resounding - maybe. More specifically, although drug or alcohol addiction may substantially interfere with a Claimant’s ability to perform...


Before coming to Young, Marr & Associates, our SSD attorneys worked for the SSA which gives us an advantage over attorneys who have never dealt directly with the internal SSA system. We know the process is difficult – your job is to get better, and our job is to make sure you get the disability you deserve.

Chances are you are preoccupied dealing with a painful illness. You are concerned about your financial future, about how you will get by without a steady source of income.

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“I have already recommended Paul Young numerous times. He was honest, explained endlessly in terms that were understandable. Paul Young guided me through the process from beginning consultation to the end of case. Highly satisfied and grateful for his expertise.”


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