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Young, Marr & Associates is a criminal defense law firm providing skilled and aggressive legal representation to adults and minors charged with misdemeanors and felonies in Pennsylvania and New Jersey. Our criminal attorneys are prepared to handle a wide array of cases, including probation violations, juvenile crimes, and criminal charges involving assault, burglary, domestic violence, drug crimes, DUI/DWI, federal crimes, murder and manslaughter, rape and sexual assault, robbery, theft, traffic violations, and white collar crimes such as money laundering.

Criminal defense lawyer Gail N. Marr, who began her career as a District Attorney serving Bucks County, has over 20 years of legal experience handling more than 5,000 cases. She is joined by criminal attorney Paul Mallis, also a former District Attorney, who has worked on cases ranging in scope from intoxicated driving to homicide. As former prosecutors, we have a unique inside perspective on how criminal cases are built and investigated, enabling us to develop stronger and more effective defense strategies for the clients we represent.

Though we have earned numerous awards and widespread recognition for our achievements in the field of criminal justice, we prefer to measure our success by the case outcomes we have achieved for our clients – outcomes like reduced penalties, reduced charges, and acquittals in cases involving aggravated assault, drug possession, drunk driving, and felony trespassing. We have also achieved favorable results for clients facing charges as serious as arson, attempted murder, drug delivery, gun possession, repeat DUI, and witness intimidation. In many cases, we have even succeeded in persuading the authorities not to charge our clients with criminal offenses, completely avoiding the stress, expense, and uncertainty of trial.

No matter how challenging a case may be, our aggressive litigators are ready with decades of trial experience in courtrooms across New Jersey and Pennsylvania. We are prepared to take on the cases that other law firms or criminal defense attorneys turn down, because we are committed to providing the quality representation that every defendant is entitled to receive.

There is nothing easy about being charged with a crime or dealing with the arrest of a family member. We understand the intense pressures that you are under right now, and are here to protect your constitutional rights as we help you understand and navigate the justice system with your loved ones. If you, your son or daughter, or one of your family members needs a criminal lawyer in Pennsylvania or New Jersey, look to Young, Marr & Associates for help.



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